School master SJ/dressage lessons - Beds/Bucks/Northants


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13 September 2004
Milton Keynes
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Whilst Ronnie is off work, I'm really missing riding (been off since July). I would really like to go back to having lessons, but there are 2 good riding schools near me that I've tried, neither of which do what I want - as I want a good, tough lesson on a school master who can teach me a lot. One RS is very VERY tough but the horses most definitely aren't school masters, the other wasn't tough at all, the horses were more fun but not school masters - I didn't learn anything there though. ETS: There are probably loads more around me, but I could waste a year trying to find a decent one by trial and error - would appreciate some help if possible.

Can anyone recommend a solution to me? I can get to Beds/Bucks/Northants. I am by no means a competent rider, but I am keen. I would like to ride at low-level affiliated, ultimately. I have been riding for 20 years + but never very well!!