Sitting on my fingers... horse for sale.


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27 July 2012
The foothills of the North Yorks Moors.
Sitting on my fingers so I don't comment with something antagonistic or just plain bitterness. I opened my FB newsfeed yesterday to find my* old mare plastered across (well, posted in various groups) it for sale. As a broodmare. She has also appears on H&H classifieds.

I totally accept that circumstances change, I really do. And I accept that putting a price on her will deter anyone from taking her and trying to ride her when we took the decision to retire her at the grand old age of 10 as her sesamoid apparatii in both hind fetlocks were compromised somewhat. It's still a shock though. And I may be a bit miffed that one of the photos they are using is mine.

I don't know whether I am shocked, miffed or both. She wasn't mine; she was given to me to get fit to sell but in three months had managed to fracture the sidebone growth on her near fore and ended up on rest for 9 months. The sidebone on both front feet was prolific -it screamed 'issues' but she passed a 5 stage with no comments. Then, despite taking things slower than a snail on a salt trail, she was never sound enough to work up her fitness. It would be two - three weeks of soundness and then something not quite right.

The poor girl was eventually sent to stud from me by her owners - in an effort to recoup some of the ££££ they had purchased her for, I think - and didn't take in three rounds of AI. She has superb breeding (Caretano Z x a Falko mare). When she left the stud, she looked dreadful - she didn't do living out 24/7 very well and I was appalled at her condition when I visited her every fortnight (it was a good 100 miles away). I found someone who was very into breeding showjumpers and she was given another chance, literally given, no money changed hands. And a few promises were given in return, but that's by the by.

And now she's for sale again. She has had a foal, which they are keeping.

No point to the post. Am just a bit taken aback, that's all.
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