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31 October 2003
Took Tufty to do some Unaff showjumping today. For one reason or another we haven't been out since July! So I went with the aim to just pop round the 70cm and 80cm to see if he could remember what it was all about.

Luckily it wasn't an early start as they do 90cm, 1m and 1.10 first and then take it back down to 45cm. So we arrived just as the 60cm was starting, watched a few before getting tacked up.

It was an, if you go clear in the first half you carry on and do the jump off class. I was so surprised to find that we went clear as Tufty likes to dangle his legs! and we stayed clear until the last one in the jump off

In the 80cm he had 2 down in the first half. The first was dangly legs but the second the sun was glaring on it and I could hardly see it and forgot to kick! Smaller class this time so came 6th.

But as he was jumping so well I decided to stay for the 90cm. And he jumped the best he had all day. OK he still had one down but again I blame the sun! There wasn't any clears so we came second! No-one needs to know there was only 4 in the class.

The lady who came 3rd only did it as she was bullied into by the judges! She went in to pick up her rosette as she dropped it on her lap of honour for her previous class and the judges wouldn't let her out! But she jumped an amazing round and was secretly pleased she had done it as she had never jumped a round that big before.

A couple of photos

With his rosettes