Skin problem - Nodular necrobiose


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1 June 2010
Rockanje, South Holland
Does anyone else have a horse which suffers from this?
How did you treat it?
Did it come back or have you managed to keep it in check?

I have a 5 yo Fredericksborg Palomino mare who has had this since I bought her. She seems to have very sensitive skin as she can get terrible dry skin on her white back legs and terrible mud fever.
I did manage to get it to almost disappear but it has come back with a vengeance this last couple of weeks to the point where it is very unsightly and covers both shoulders and her back.
She is not suffering from it and a vet has been and looked at it. Not itchy or painful just unsightly.
Last time I got it under control I had to change her food and feed hay instead of haylage. I will be going down that route again but was wondering if there are any treatments (other than corticosteroids) which may help.


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10 May 2003
My youngster has it, but he is also peppered in sarcoids which we have been battling with for the past 3 years (he is 6). He has the lumps all over his back, neck and sides. I've really done nothing about it other than keeping watch, as the sarcoid problems are taking precedence. It's not worrying him at all, but together with the treated sarcoid wounds, the scars from the previous treated sarcoids, and all his lumps and bumps, he definitely looks very moth-eaten.

He also suffers from mud fever, particularly on his white legs.