So all the while we were panicking looking for Flyn......


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29 November 2005
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I had an early bath this evening but couldn't relax because I could hear Flyn at the back door wanting to come in, obviously the rest of the family were too lazy to get up and let him in

So I get out and still in a towel go down to the open the back door but no Flyn, I call and shout but he doesn't come.

OH goes outside and shouts for him, my son goes down the lane to the yard to see if he's gone down there - but no, he's nowhere to be found.

This is totally out of character for him - he never runs off.

I start to ring the neighbours to see if they have seen him, OH goes off in the truck and drives around the farm and up the lanes with my son in the back shouting for him.

I (dressed by now!) go and start walking and whistling, but still we can't find him.....really starting to panic now.

I stop and think, this really isn't like him at all, he has never ever gone off so I decide to just check the garden again, the shed, the greenhouse, the log shed. I go back in doors and have a look (small house - doesn't take long!).

I go upstairs and notice daughters bedroom door shut - lo and behold he's in there!!!

You'd think he would have at least barked or something to let us know he was stuck in there instead of us worried out of our minds for half an hour!!

Who'd have dogs eh?