So happy


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21 February 2008
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Self indulgent post but im so happy took my little ex flat racer to his first SJ clinic last he has just turned 6 I got him in Dec 07 and he had 3 months off at the end of last year when this stuff was planned due to me being ill. He was fab we have been having a few issues as he is laid back and doesnt pull me into the fences also not properly off my leg yet so whilst jumping we have been getting in too deep on occasions, but last night he was so switched on it was quite exciting waiting for our turn to go and a horse a clikety over reach boots on of course these may eat him!!! One of the grids were 4 fences in a line we have done 3 at home, well got to the 4th fence and he couldnt cope so put the brakes on re presented and he flew it with a buck for good measure!!!
Anyway at the end we jumped a course slightly bigger than I was intending on doing it was about 2ft 9, he may go eventing yet!!!