Solution Freestyle or Barefoot Cheyenne?


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16 February 2009
Slopping along on a loose rein somewhere in Devon
What sort of horse have you got?

Breed? Wide? Narrow? Low withers??

I've ridden in a Barefoot Cherokee, which I had for my old mare who was a Welsh D; also I have ridden in a Barefoot Cheyenne at a friend's yard, but not on any of my own horses.

IME Barefoots don't usually fit well on wider horses and/or with flat withers, where they tend to be unstable. They seem to be best suited to narrower horses with defined withers and good musculature.

Having said that, when I had my little youngster first (tubby little coblet!) I rode her on in a Barefoot, but then a day came when she "told" me quite firmly that she wasn't keen on having it on her back anymore! I'd already got a TreeFree Tor saddle for my other horse at the time, so after a change of gullet, put this on her and it fitted fine!


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1 January 2006
I also have a solutions smart on a very wide, low withered traditional gypsy cob and it’s the most stable, comfortable saddle I’ve ever sat in. Doesn’t move an inch in any direction, and no special girth’s or pads needed, dead easy..