someone tell me this is sensible plan......



My sec C mare is a bit too small for me, she gave birth to a lovley filly foal last week, who is growing well, but once foalie is weaned i will have to either sell or loan the mare!!
I am planning to get her backed and sell/loan her as a PC project....but she looks so cute with the foal, it is tempting to hang onto her!!! I have owned her for 4 years, and although i am very fond of her, we don't gel!! I know deep down she needs to get out there and do a job, and give someone lots of pleasure, I am not planning to breed again, and she would just end up left in the paddock getting fat, she is 4 years old and will be rising 5 by the time i get round to starting her and I wouldn't like to leave it much please give me a kick up the bum to make the decision to sell this mare!!!!!


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25 August 2008
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easy answer? I would say Do what you feel is best.

Sounds like you will have your hands full with new foalie and if you sold the mare you could put all your efforts into your new baby.

If its been 4 years and you don't gel surely theres a chance you never will and by giving her a new home and chance in life she may find her absolute soul mate of an owner.

hard hard decision and you're doing really well by thinking with your head and thinking a new home would be the best thing. Don't envy you having to make this decision.

just do what you think is right. deep down you know you've already made the decision. Best of luck


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16 September 2008
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I would have her backed and sell her on. She would make a lovely allrounder for someone who could get out and about and have lots of fun.


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6 September 2008
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give her to me as she is cute

on a serious note, you need to do whats right for you, i think either way is fine just depends on what time you have.

good luck p.s. we still need pics of the foaly you promised me!!