Springer puppies update


Fais pas chier!
6 July 2010
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They’re 9 months. They’ve been off lead for a while, although we haven’t yet 100% nailed Goose’s recall. They’ve been on ’big dog’ walks, in the woods, with Bear, who was delighted to run in a pack again. He has since almost entirely stopped grumping at Goose endlessly wanting to cwtch with him. They’ve gone entirely onto raw and toilet issues have disappeared. I’ve (re) found a local supplier for food since the Dog Food company has stopped trading.

They are delightful little dogs, very affectionate, very co-operative, very keen to be on knees (very spoilt). They are extremely active but know how to chill out. I cannot wait for half term, weekends are a bit busy in the parks/woods at the weekend. I think we’ve been very fortunate with them, they have lovely temperaments and typical springers, must be with the humans. 😍