Stafford BE FJ report and a plea to competitors walking courses


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26 April 2009
Spent a lovely day in the sun yesterday FJ'ing the water complex at Stafford Horse Trials, BE90 first then the B100.
Course was prepared beautifully and we didn't see any tired horses which was a pleasure as their course is pretty hilly and near optimum length.
The water complex in both classes claimed a fair few scalps, seems to be the long run downhill beforehand that seemed to be the cause as when it runs the other way not half the problems!
Some cracking combinations that made it look easy when ridden well.
However yet another plea for those walking the course. Please remember especially when there are alternatives (one in the BE90 and 2 in the BE100) that you need to be clear of all parts of the fence complex including the alternatives as we have no idea which way the competitor approaching is going. Unfortunately we need you out of the way totally well before the rider approaches the fence so we can concentrate on what they are doing especially with 2 steps into water and a water splash as I really don't want to be making sure you have got out of the way and miss what the competitor is doing, or alternatively have you run over by a horse taking the alternative route!
Remember if it wasn't for the volunteers giving up their time on a very long day - 8.15am - 7pm then you wouldn't be able to compete. thanks