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2 October 2012
Forward planning here so any advice please comment!

I'm breeding to keep and NOT to sell.. I do know buying will be cheaper but it is a life ambition to breed my own and I'm lucky enough to be in position to do so.

Looking to breed a good allrounder.

Points to improve mare (thoroughbred):
Low set neck
Upright pasterns
Bit more flashy paces
More bone
Stronger hind end

Ideally I'd like to use a stallion with a % of TB in it and over 16hh.

So any recommendations?

I'm liking Take It 2 The Limit and Greenvale Audacity at the moment.


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24 August 2010
I adore take it 2 the limit's progeny , on the right mare he is awesome, on every mare he injects them with his spirit and willingness to work ( hence why nearly all his stock have been the best young eventers in the country) but he is not necessarily a stallion to improve conformation faults on a mare. His stock tend to look like the mare rather than him.
Groomsbridge May is an excellent mare improver- in every respect . He's a full Tb but has great bone& has progeny doing well in all spheres.