Stamping and kicking when tied up and in lorry


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3 December 2011
Young green Welsh d 5 years. When tied outside stable he tends to strike the floor a lot and in the lorry good to go on but massive kicking etc once loaded. Not sure whether to ignore or reprimand. What have others done?

be positive

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9 July 2011
It depends on the horse and why it is kicking, many are stressed and getting cross will be counter productive so other solutions need looking into, a few are just impatient and it is best to load and move off they usually learn to settle and become less impatient, I think the main thing is to look at why they behave the way they do and try to work with them towards peace and quiet.
Rubber under feet outside will make it quieter, less attention gained by pawing, not reacting to it, trying to leave for a very short while moving them before they start and gradually increasing the time, making sure they do not have reason to be impatient, hunger, friends leaving can set some off.
Much the same with the lorry, a mirror can be useful as can ensuring they are not upset by travel boots or rugs being an irritant.