Steven Hadley clinic and Eland ODE...its been a good week!


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6 July 2008
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Well its not often a week goes so well for my daughter, its so nice to be able to do a positive post!
Our good friend MickeyMoo arranged for them to attend a Steven Hadley clinic on Thurs. They had a fantastic time, he is such a lovely chap, down to earth, encouraging, spots problems immediately, but gives praise when due. My OH teaches both MickeyMoo and my daughter, he was very surprised to be invited in to help with the clinic, but also learnt alot and was slightly embarassed to be told he had done a good job with the two of them!
Daughter was delighted with the way her horse improved during the session, stopped rushing at the jumps (jumping is his favourite thing in the world after food) and began to lenghten his stride nicely. She came home with her head in the clouds after being told she had a good eye for a stride and is a talented little rider!!! (Two weeks ago she was thinking about giving up so I am so proud of her)
On to today and the unaff novice at Eland. She had great times and the weather and ground was perfect.
Mr. Horse Who Hates Dressage warmed up nicley and actually started his test well, 7, 6, 7 until he went through a swarm of flies, got one up his nose and became a snorting giraffe for the rest of the test, got a deserved 44.5, but wasnt the worst in his section.
On to the show jumping and did a lovely clear, the work at the clinic really helped, then onto their fav section xc.
They flew round, both looking really happy and managing a wave and smile as they came up the hill before popping the last two jumps.
Didnt have to wait too long for the results, they came 4th, daughter is delighted with her boy, I am delighted for both of them!
Would love to post some pics buit cant work out how to!
Wine and choccy cake for anyone who has got this far


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27 October 2004
Steve is great he has 2 days at ours soon, fab result well done