Still haven't had my new BD mag - anyone else?


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18 May 2007
I've got mine, fat lot of bloody good it is to me, haven't even taken it out of the plastic. Missed first 2 shows due to horse having sore back, then next two due to snow and them being cancelled, now down in Dorset and no chance of riding before the weekend, and even that is a slim chance. I only joined on the eventers membership because it worked out cheaper to do that than ride on tickets. Now have to fit in 11 classes or more before end of March to make it cost effective, no chance - I may as well have burnt the £60 it cost me. I am seriously wondering why I do affiliated competing, I just seem to lose money hand over fist.

I did ask if considering the snow and the fact many eventers only start competing in Jan and we'd have no chance to use the membership if they'd consider extending it for a month - basically because of the ticket/cost issue outlined above - they said no because it would be unfair on full members so they'd have to do it for everyone.

Won't bother with it next year, especially now they are putting the prices up so much.