Stolen/Sold on Loan - 15.3 grey mare (Northern Angel) LANCS

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4 October 2004
West Yorkshire
I'm cross posting this from the BD website... This is not my horse.

On 10th of march 2011 I loaned out my much loved mare as a brood mare.I was sure that she would be well cared for and I could visit to see her with her foal. She went to stud and was scaned infoal. I have been in constant contact with the person I loaned her to and was always told she was well and happy . Now I have been informed that she has been stolen from the Salterforth area of lancs , and then sold to a sport horse dealer in the Gisburn area , thats where the trail goes cold . She is not the easest of mares ,and weaves whenever she is in the least strested .She is regestered with A SPORTS HORSE BREEDING OF GREAT BRITIAN PASSPORT, REG NAME NORTHERN ANGEL and I am the owner on her passport . She is grey 15.3 and 15 years old she has some old scars on her hind legs and a more resent one on her hock (broken on 22 sept 2009) hence brood mare . I have owned this horse for ten years and have a lot of history with her I am desperate to find her .The theft has been reported to the police and the POLICE INCEDENT NUMBERS ARE . DERBYSHIRE POLICE 472 13/01/12 LANCASHIRE POLICE 1028 12/01/12 AND WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE 1187 12/01/12.IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE POLICE OR CRIME STOPPERS 0800 555111
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