Strong beasties!


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29 July 2006
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Hey Im pretty new to the Forum and post mainly in the Common Room! Im 13 and my Pony Bailey is a 14.2 BWB, 9 yrs and is VERY STRONG! Iv had him a year now , he came over from Belgium as a showjumper (his neck very upside down!).When jumping he wears a pelham and grackle. I have worked hard on his flatwork and he is finally there! Hopefully next year i will BE him!! I have done prelims and novice tests and he has done well, qualifying for the championships in both (prelim 83%!!! :) ) I am doing my first elementry test (E41) on him next week and i was just looking for some advice! When going accross the diaganol in canter he tenses up, also when doing counter canter (sometimes he will throw me off balance and use this as an excuse to change leg). He sticks his head up and uses his neck strength against me. He has twice done this in a test when giving and retaking the rein over the diaganol (in canter). I can get him back listening and soft again pretty quickly afterwards(only if we trot afterwards)......I just don't want this to happen in the test as all the movements follow quickly on to one another and i don't want to spoil the whole test afterwards. After this has happened i tend to tense up (in a test situation) so that won't help him either. Are there any excercises or tips i can use to help??