struggling :(


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17 March 2005
South Yorkshire
really need some help.

my horses have been part of my family for a long time. I had a baby last september, then unfortunately I had to have 2 of them put to sleep this year so now I am left with3. Although this on one hand has been very upsetting, it has helped me out as I have a 10 month old baby and it means the time I have got is shared between the 3 not 5.
ive tried to sell one of them as she needs someone to ride her regularly rather than the odd time I can. She has huge potential but I am holding her back. she has had plenty of viewings but most seem to be joyriders or just out for a trip to see a horse.

Im thinking of loaning her to someone who wants to do everything from just hacking to competing and hunting (either from my yard or if suitable she can leave my yard) the thing that puts me off is ive been stung in the past and my old mare had to be retired after a very brief loan period.

any ideas on where I could look for someone who isnt going to raz her around?