Supplemets for joints/stiffness and healthy skin


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19 March 2016
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Hi all!

So I have had my horse on Graven Horse's Turmer gold for about 6 months now and I've seen good results. I've totally fallen out with the company after my supplement didn't arrive after a couple of weeks and when I rang them they said they would send me another one. This morning I got an email stating that they are out of stock and it will be 2 weeks before they can send me one. I'm very cross to say the least. I've pretty much run out of what I had left.

I've decided to shop around and see if there is anything that will be as good as or better than the Turmer Gold. Does anyone have any suggestions? He needs something that is good for joints and very slight stiffness and also something that helps his skin as he is a sweet itch sufferer. I don't mind having to buy 2 separate supplements if it's going to work.

His current supplement has turmeric, MSM, Glucosamine and micronized linseed in it.

His stiffness isn't terrible and his skin is under control ( we just get periods of lots of lumps on his skin) we just need something to help us along the way.

Thank you!!