Swarm of Bees

Christmas Crumpet

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30 August 2007
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Went out for the most lovely ride on Happy at 6 this morning. Was pootling along through woodland daydreaming away when Happy marched straight over the top of a swarm of bees on the ground about a ft square which I didn't notice due to gazing off in the distance. They went mad and started chasing us - we charged off with Happy bucking like a loon. Got to end of the ride and thankfully were both ok but what a shock!

I am so proud of him though - he could easily have bolted in fright but he didn't and, although he was bucking rather a lot, he never felt unpredictable and dangerous if that makes sense. I thought he was hugely sensible despite having bees trying to sting his boy bits etc. He strutted all the way home obviously realising how chuffed his mother was with his behaviour.

I love my Happy Boy - he's the best pony in the world!!