Teenager thrown off horse, dog owner refuses to call off dog – Devon 7th Jan


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31 December 2008
They are soo lucky that there were enough other horses there that the pony stayed, I'd hope it wouldn't take to the sea but it is so easy for them to just start swimming in the wrong direction if they do.


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16 March 2010
I agree all of this. I don't remember so many dogs around years back nor such badly behaved ones. I only have one as needed as guard for my stable yard and house but otherwise I wouldn't.

I don't have too many problems with kids, I simply don't allow any kids near our horses. Just can't risk it any longer. My problem after dogs is mountain bikers. I appreciate where the lycra clad brigade keep their brains but what part of "if you overtake or usually undertake so close and your pedal hits my horse's leg he will kick" is difficult to understand?

the ones who come hurtling down our steep off road bridleways are great as well. We are quite used to seeing what happens when they have to break downhill at speed, they come over the handlebars. I remember asking one lot of bikers to slow down on a bridlepath. They refused, it was their right and anyway they could stop if needed. The rest of their ride arrived and promptly went over their handlebars, it rather proved the point!
A friend and I were going up a steep track to the Downs when a tandem came hurtling down towards us.We stopped and girl in front said steady.Man got off tandem and complained about us and said our horses were dangerous.Luckily his wife got off as well and had a go at him.
20 December 2018
I’ve been out riding with my daughter on her pony. My horse in front riding around a popular woods and had a large dog stood infront barking and lunging to bite! Luckily my horse snorted and stamped his feet to keep it from biting! The owner constantly calling it’s name (the dog wasn’t listening of course) when she finally gained some control I asked her to keep her dog on a lead if She had little to no control, I also mention one good kick off my horse and the dog would probably be dead. I’d hate to think what would of happened if my horse would of spooked and ran because my daughters pony would of followed no doubt. Lucky for me I have a very brave stand his grown horse.

I am also a dog owner to 3 dogs and one in particular has a rubbish re-call. He simply doesn’t go off lead when he’s out because I know what could happen and who’s fault it would be.
28 March 2007
My lad has got better with age with dogs, we have had a few encounters over the years and he has been known to kick when really provoked. But it's when you warn that "he will kick if the dog carries on" and the owner replies, "it will teach it a lesson,"well it will if it gets up again!
Though, on meeting a friend with her working cocker the other week and we stopped for a chat, the dog peed up his hind leg! Much to my friends embarrassment.
And don't get me started on cyclists, they forget, don't know on a bridle way in law they have to give way to horses and walkers.