Thank you and why


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22 November 2007
East sussex/Kent Border
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Thank you to everyone that repiled to my post about tell me im right, I have 1/2'd his food and cut the haylage back

Woke up and as not windy or raining thought I would ride before work also a nice understanding lady was at the yard and said i was not to get on till she was in school with me! So I thought I would lunge first to get ride of any fizzy after yesterdays explosion. All good till we pop him into trot and he looks "odd" not lame just not right, ears flat against his head which is not Bo at all and just looked stiff and short. Could not feel any heat etc

So called back lady whio i am wainting on calling me back

Why oh why, thought I would get back onto today and get rid of the deamons!