Thank you gift ideas???

3 August 2009
Up North
Hi all,
I just wondered if anyone has any ideas for a thank you gift for my friend. I keep my horse with hers at a small yard we rent together. She lives next door to the yard so is always on call. I am 7 months pregnant at the moment, and suffering with pelvic problems meaning I can't do any heavy lifting around the yard. I have a loaner for the horse 5 days a week now and I like to go up 2 days otherwise I miss my horse too much!!!! My friend has been amazing. Here are some of the things she has done to help me -
She does morning feeds and turnout every day.
She went alone to collect our winter hay supply and loaded it and unloaded the whole lot on her own.
She supervises my loaner while I am not there and makes sure everything is done properly, and of course keeps an eye on my horse.
On my days she picks my horse's feet out, carries my water buckets, wheelbarrow and soaks my hay.
She lets me leave my saddle at her house so loaner can get it.
She has done many other things in the past, so I try to repay her as best as I can by looking after her horse and pets while she's on holiday, building a new set of jumps for the field and doing evening stables when she's on late shifts.
ANyway at the moment I have some spare time, having started maternity leave, so I want to sort out a thank you present for her before I have baby and my time is taken up with him!!!

I thought of some ideas -
I can paint, so maybe paint her a picture of her horse?
I have some good quality photos of her horse so maybe a blown-up canvas of him?
Or I could buy her something?

Any more thoughts from you clever people? Fresh bread with honey on for anyone who replies!!!! Thanks!!!!
7 December 2011
Your picture idea sounds lovely.
Or I would suggest how about treating her to afternoon tea for two if there is somewhere lovely nearby. I'm sure she would be really touched and you could probably go too :)