The many stages of....

14 April 2014

"Hang on, what's this"?
"I'll just check it out"
"No, not today"
"Well, I'll think about it"
"DON'T you make me"
"But I do want to please, Master"
"Please don't be a cruel to a poor horse"
"Oh that ramp gate looks interesting"
"I would go on but I am rather frightened you know"
"If you hit me with that lunge whip ONCE more...."
"Oh the lunge whip, let me nuzzle it"
"Perhaps I will go on...."
"No, not really"
"I'm bored. Are you"?
"Really, this isn't going to happen"
"Yes, I usually win".
"You mean you don't love me? Please give me a kiss. And a carrot".

And today he walked straight on.

I'm sending that animal to RADA.