The ponies are coming YIPPEE! - grazing advice needed


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27 October 2010
After nearly three months on our new small holding, I got people coming to do the fencing tomorrow and will have the pony finally delivered at the end of June. Managed to source a local companion (grumpy old sec A with attitude but she just has to be in sight of him) and ordering load of electrial tape and posts to strip graze the new paddock.

So the new paddock is going to be in young woodland, I've been actively taking out Sycamores and some of the smallest trees to make more space and there is plenty of long grass under the trees at present. Currently the plan is to start off with two small individual paddocks to introduce the two ponies and then merge them into one and slowly strip graze over the summer. I think my main query is whether they will need grazing muzzles etc to begin with as there is so much grass or would it be ok to pop them straight onto it in a small area?

Ponies are 14hh 14 yo chunky cob who is the best doer in the world (no history of lami or similiar) and a 11.2hh sec A who is 25yo with pretty worn teeth (again doesn't have any red flags in her history with feet)


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29 July 2005
East Midlands
I'd put them straight out in a small area if no history of lami and keep an eye on them. Longer grass is generally less sugary anyway, so better for them.