The wait is over, I’ve sat on Scrappy for the first time today.


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1 October 2009
Yes today was the day I chose to have a sit on Scraps for the first time. Two days before her 4th birthday. My friend has been gently riding her for the last couple of weeks, she’s lighter than me and I wanted to give her the chance to accept a lighter weight before having me on board.

I was excited, relived and a bit shaky to be honest...I’m not gonna lie. I’ve not ridden really for 3 years so I’m a bit rusty. My legs were a bit like jelly...that kinda took me by surprise. It will get better won’t it? I can’t wait to have a sit on her again. Must be my age! Lol


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21 February 2013
Oh Well Done.
It is scary isn’t it? I expect you are so pleased with yourself and with good reason.
I remember when I got on my 4 year old for the first time every part of me was shaking violently.
It will get easier each time I’m sure.