Thoroughpin ADVICE?


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22 June 2009
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My cob has a slightly swollen hock on the off side , (its just above the hock onboth sides of the leg). its only slight and its not hot. Its one of those - is it -isnt it? kind of things?!
Hes completely sound but when i last rode him on the left rein he felt more on the forehand in canter towards the end of the ride, but again only slight.
Hes happy for me to poke and prod it and doesnt seem bothered. Ive cold hosed and it does seem to bring swelling down.
Cold hosed and then by morning looks not too bad. Turned him out for a hour and hes come back in and its up (again only slightly). i keep him in on box rest? Turn him out and rest as well? or do i exercise him as normal?
I suspect its a thoroughpin possibly?? Doesnt seem to bother him - but it is obviously a warning sign. He is a bit over weight atm so i will be cutting his food down as well.
Any thoughts or experiences? Keep going, rest? Any ideas?