Three weeks later for the old TB


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15 April 2013
South Worcestershire
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So, after going down with a really serious bout of cellulitis, the old TB is (happily) still with us. His right hind is still pretty swollen, has oozed a huge amount of serum, he's had goodness knows how many syringes of bute, antibiotics and paracetamol but he's OK. His cheeky personality has returned and he's eating well. He's sound in walk but not in trot but did do a bit of a buck and canter when turned out the other morning. I genuinely don't think he's in pain, the lameness is because his hock and fetlock is still stiff from the swelling. He was happy for the farrier to trim his feet today and looks in really good condition for his age. So we live to fight another day! At 28 I know he's on borrowed time but I am so relieved we still have a some more time together as he's such a character! Pic taken just before he retired aged 24