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Tiny "anorexic" pony - update


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1 May 2007
Deepest Wales
Well, Rockin' Robbie went for his 2nd official weighing at the vets today. He weighs 54.4kg, which is 8.6kg up from his previous weight of 45.8kg. This is almost a 20% increase in his body weight and vets say condition score a good 2.5 now. And he's grazing and eating his haylage like a proper tiny horse now so I can start cutting back on all the high calorie feeding solutions that got him to remember how to eat again. Thanks go to bread & honey, Build and Glow, Mollichaff Condition, D&H Mare & Youngstock mix, D&H pasture nuts and a dog feed ball! No-nos we met along the way include: Readigrass, Speedibeet, apples, carrots. I still think he may have a mild malabsorption problem but he's sturdy enough now to do 0 to 60 as he legs it away from me at coming in time! And let me tell you, catching 26 inches of determined, healthy pony that doesn't want to be caught is a nightmare!!!! Rock on Rockin' Robbie!


Wearing a headscarf intriguingly....
8 July 2010
Nice one BOF & Rockin' Robbie! You can't not put a wee pic up though... thats just teasing. :)