*** To HOG on not to HOG! That is the question!***


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10 January 2011
My Beautiful boy has recently been noticed by a show cob judge in passing ( we were out hacking) and we stopped to have a chat.

She said in a few years, when he is matured, he would make a really ~look at me~ type Show Cob.

Now- I know what this means! D: ..... hogging him!

So what do you lot think? would he stand a chance? He is just approaching 5 (I think- he may already be 5 haha) and standing at 15.1hh.
The lady thought he had beautiful coloring and I should give it a go.

In all I will wait a few years- get some happy care free fun out of him first before we knuckle down!

For anyone interested he is called BlueStorm (Storm for short!)