tooth out and sinus


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23 August 2005
Has anyone any experiences (good or bad - if there can be good) of a horse having this done?

I am particularly interested in whether or not there were any complications during or after.

ALSO - I would be interested to hear experiences of sinus flushing to remove infection.


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8 February 2006
My boy had a tooth out earlier this year. It was broken and quite rotten. He had it taken out through his mouth while standing. I expected him to have to have quite a bit of time off but the vets advised getting him back in work about 4 days later. He has always been funny in his mouth but has been much better since. He had to have as much grass as possible and any hard feed had to avoid any chaff for a while. He has a bit of a hole there now which does get chewed up food stuck in and can get a bit pongy. Sticking the hose in his mouth every couple of days helps, although he's not too impressed! He had to have antibiotic injections for a few days but I was able to do these which helped with the cost! So, if there is a good experience then this was it!

He had sinus surgery before I got him. He was a rescue case and an untreated sinus abscess was one of his many problems. He had his sinuses flushed several times then. He has had no problems since, no discharge or anything. Except when he had the xrays for his tooth taken they showed a sinus cyst which is is going to go to newmarket for. He will have to have a GA then which is a bit scary, but apparently there is usually a good outcome and he should be back in work after a couple of weeks.

Let me know if you want any other info. I think you are based near me somewhere so we may even have the same vets!