Top Tip: Making creams easier to apply


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15 January 2006
Colchester, Essex
I hope this might be useful to some other people ....

I found myself in the middle of a field holding my youngster, with 2 other curious youngsters, an open tub of mud fever cream and a sticky mud fever tub lid. By the time my youngster had made it clear that no, he didn't want the cream on his back heels and I had managed to slather my hands, coat and outside of the tub with sticky mud fever treatment, contaminate the cream in the tub with mud after double dipping and one of the others had tried to eat the lid I thought there must be a better way!

The tip is; decant the cream into a runny honey bottle with a flip top valve cap!!

There is no separate cap to worry about, you can open and close it with the same hand that is holding the bottle, you can easily squeeze out however much you need, you don't contaminate the rest of the cream with your muddy hands and you can flip the cap closed and stick it in your pocket quickly leaving you 2 free hands to try and get the cream on.

The first one I did was RedHorse products HoneyHeel (very very sticky) into a Rowse Honey bottle. I used a big funnel I have as it is quite runny. The outside of the bottle eventually got a bit sticky but it has been much easier than the tub.

Yesterday I did Lincoln Mud Magic Kure (can you guess what I am trying to treat!?) into a Sainsburys Honey bottle. I used a knife to transfer that one as it isn't as runny but it came out of the bottle fine when squeezed.

You can buy the empty bottles online but it was easier for me just to buy the honey and then decant that into a jamjar.

Sadly I can't help with actually convincing the horse to stand still and/or not trying to kick out when someone is trying to put cream on his back heels in the middle of a muddy field. Any return tips on that much appreciated!
14 May 2019
I have done this with cider vinegar in the empty honey bottle and use a squirt to keep on top of thrush. The honey is great on porridge too😏