Towing - Kia Sorrento


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8 June 2014
HI all,

been looking at getting a Kia Sorrento for towing. It will be used with a Ifor Williams 505 for now but will then be used with an Ifor 110. It will be carrying a 16.2hh 600kg on his own mainly but on some occasions it will be carrying the 16.2hh 600kg and a 15.3hh 500kg together. Does this sound okay ?

Please could anyone give me any feedback on any experiences towing with this set up?

Also what are the Sorrento's like for fuel consumption ? It would be used for commuting to work as well as towing!

thanks for any help - been doing lots of research and its made my head hurt !



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15 June 2008
The weight a sorrento can tow will vary depending on year and whether diesel or petrol, manual or auto. It's actively the older manual diesels that had the best towing weight (2800kg from memory) newer ones are 2500kg I think so still ok for a trailer with 2 reasonable sized horses. I had both an old one (04) reg and a newer (2011 version) and much preferred towing with older one. Although newer obviously nicer spec for everyday driving.
couldn't tell you mpg. I did look up figures and was ok as far as 4x4 went but a noticeable difference from an average hatchback!


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18 March 2016
I tow with an older sorento and it's no problem at all. 510 and 500kg horse you don't even know it there. All I can tell you economy wise of £25 gets me about 120 miles of pottering around with very little dual road driving. Mines an 07 plate and the towing limit is 3500. It's nice car for everyday driving too with heated seats and pleny of space. Would have liked Bluetooth but it's not a major.

Parkers say its 32mpg, tax is top end at £500 per year.