Two saddle/girth questions


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21 April 2007
Up North
I have a rising 5yo Dales who is very slightly croup high. She may grow out of it yet, although there are a few Dales around who seem to remain like this. She's in a Flexee, now up to the widest gullet plate. She will continue to widen so I was thinking of removing it. I used to have the pre gullet Flexees, but always used a shim pad. Can the newer ones be used without the gullet AND without a shim pad? Is going gullet free (i.e. wider) likely to help with very minor saddle slip forwards when riding downhill? My pre gullet Flexees were always very stable.

Second question; a Trevira girth seems to suit best but it has no keepers so we look a bit of a sight tbh. Has anyone managed to solve this? The only option I can think of is to have the girth straps changed and use a regular size rather than dressage but I'd rather not.