Typical - poor pone!

Chico Mio

21 February 2007
Up to my neck
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After waking up with less of a headache than I have had since Tuesday, I thought, 'Great, we can go riding today!'

Went out to feed the neds, who had spent the night outside in the teeny weeny paddock in the garden, only to find MoM hopping lame on the near fore. She has quite a deep puncture wound just under the elbow that is about 2cm long and is obviously giving her some discomfort as she was holding the leg up and quivering

A quick look around leads us to believe she has had a bit of a run in with the little plum tree that was in the corner of the paddock and is now lying on the ground, roots in the air. I reckon she was having a scratch and the poor tree gave up and sent her and it crashing to the ground and she has landed on a broken twig or branch.

The cut was quite fresh so we bathed it, applied antiseptic and rang the lovely Javier to come and look at her. Now, he can't come until later this afternoon (he's competing I think) to give her an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory and check her over. I asked about giving her some bute to take the edge off as it is obviously painful and we can't get her moving (into the shade). He said yes. So we have spent 3 hrs chasing around to find a vet that is a) open on a Saturday and b) has bute! Incredible! They all say, 'Oh we can order you some for Tuedsay' or look at you like you are a druggy. So no bute and a sorely pone. We gave her some soaked Devils Claw about an hour ago, as that is what we had but I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything else?

Glass of Pimms and some strawberries and cream for all who made it to the end.