Unaff ODE - Derbyshire


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28 February 2017
Hi all

After a spate of bad luck we aren't going to make it to the planned ODE at Eland this year so I'm looking for alternatives - can anybody recommend any other venues with well built courses within 45 mins or so of Derby?

Looking for late July onwards.

(Also does anybody know how Eland's team ODE works? I'm going to email them for more info. but I'm pretty low on horsey friends that would be interested so no chance of scraping a team together myself.)

Thanks :)

Ambers Echo

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13 October 2017
Team ODE format is that 3 or 4 riders enter as a team. You don't need to all do the same height but I think most do as then everyone is one after the other which is more fun. Each rider does a full ODE and the lowest (ie best) 3 scores count towards a team total. Team with the lowest number of penalty points wins.