update for those that helped :)


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29 March 2005
hi, a week or so ago i posted a "dont know what to do post" and it was about my sj, if you havent read my competition report then ill just let you know that her sj at my intro was fot perfect no rushing, perfect srtides, perfect jumps, speed and rhythym so was really chuffed depsite having them dwon.

i also had afab lesson today we did a course itwas about 3ft3 and was put up gradually and we put up a triple, whi was good to help with srtiding, she went perfectly only touched one pole and that was because i was finding it hard to get a good stride out of that particular corner.

i feel much much happier with her now, and think im going to stick with my 2weaker" tack to school in the put the hanging cheek and the grackle on for sompettions so she doesnt get used to it, and maybe respects it a bit more, this worked fantastically on saturday.

im sure that my furthur reports wil keep you posted. but i am a less deflated now
very pleased with my clever girly today, and i have a clinic with john jacks tuesday night, so will be nice to have a new perspective on things.

thanks for your suport last week, i felt so down after thinking i was getting there, my instructor told me not to be so hard on myself and also think how far i have come with her since having her.
thanks guys