Update on my neglect case


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13 August 2006
Central Scotland
Well, this morning I informed the owners of the poines I posted about yesterday that I'd managed to get a really good farrier to come out today and take the ponies shoes off and they were pretty rude. I was told in no uncertain terms that they would now sort it out themselves thank you very much. This was the wife I spoke to today and yesterday I was talking to her husband who was much more receptive.

Anyway, our nearest horsey charity is Bransby Home of Rest for horses and they were absolutley brilliant and arranged for the RSPCA to come out which took less than an hour (i've never known tha RSPCA be so efficient). Anyway, as they have now tethered the mare (they don't even have a stable for some box rest poor girl) and have arranged a vet to come out (alledgely, we'll wait and see) the Inspector said he could do nothing more. He is obviously very frustrated and has his hands tied but now the poor pony has been left wit noone who really cares about her. I have no idea what to do next, I'm worried that they won't really call a vet, she is tethered with no shelter on a windy exposed river bank with chronic laminitis, a foot infection and horrific shoeing (they told the inspector that the farrier came last week which he blatantly hasn't). What more can I do? I am actually going to cry soon and I wish some lovely person would just come in the night with a trailer and whisk her away. I almost wish that they would just put her out of her misery.

Who knows, they might get the vet out, build some stables and a field shelter but I doubt it very much. Aaaggghhhh, if only I had a bit of money I cold give them such a wonderful home. OK, rant over, there's nothing i can do I will just have to get on with it. If anyone has any advice, do let me know.

Love Jules