USA search for a dressage start TV program


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8 August 2007
from another forum - wish we could have something like this on prime time TV here

Dressage joins reality TV bandwagon

October 20, 2007

Fox Reality Channel in the US ran the first episode of "The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star: Dressage", yesterday, the first in the five-episode series.
Robert Dover, the six-time Olympian, and Brave St. Productions, a New York headquartered production company developed and produced this novel show format. Following a nationwide search that produced hundreds of audition tapes, six contestants were selected as finalists to compete. During the series, the contestants were put through a series of challenges and competitions on not only dressage performance, but actual experience in teaching and client relations. This latter part of the competition is relevant as the grand prize winner is offered the opportunity to become Robert's Second Assistant as well as be trained for Olympic competition by Robert. Additional prizes include a RV/Trailer provided by Broward RV, tack from County Saddlery.

"All of the Brave St. team enjoyed the challenge of tackling a reality show format for the equestrian sport of dressage," says Tammy Leech, Executive Producer and Partner for Brave St. Productions. Her partner, Russell Best, added "it is a thrill to work with a professional like Robert Dover. And, when viewers experience these talented contestants, they'll not want to have a final winner! All six of these young people are incredibly talented."

Robert Dover said the programme exceeded his wildest expectations. "Not only did the competition work as we'd envisioned, we witnessed six people who grew as both equestrians and individuals. This comes across clearly in the shows.

"I want to publicly acknowledge the incredible talent of our six contestants. I'm privileged to have experienced their participation in this series."

The six finalists in the competition are: Jamil Kassum, 16 from Scottsdale, AZ
Rebecca Vick, 25 from Southern Pines, NC
Brendan Curtis, 20 from Silver Spring, MD
Philesha Chandler, 24 from Wichita, KS
Lindy Bowerbank, 18 from Thousand Oaks, CA
Jessica ("JJ") Tate, 27 from Walworth, TX

The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star: Dressage is a mix of a proven successful formula reflecting reality, competition and entertainment. In this case, viewers are invited to "visually eavesdrop" on competition in dressage performance, but also the art of instruction of other equestrians.


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11 January 2006
what a great idea.. wonder if the BBC or ITV will take it up.. maybe instead of having a race to the xmas no. 1.. they could see if the shows winner could win a class at Olympia (which would obviously have to be rigged so they did haha)