Very sad news :(


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8 May 2008
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We've just found out that my mums horse has severe kissing spines under the saddle area and is going to have to be retired.. at the age of 9

My mum last year lost our beloved Herbie who we had in the family for 20 years, the year before she lost her horse of a lifetime that she had for 18 years, her event horse.
Now she has been told her mare that she loves to death and has put her heart and soul in to has to retire.

I feel so sorry for her, she loves her horses so much and they are everything to her.

Its a bit early just yet for her to think of getting another but im going to enquire with you lovely people anyway. She has never been without a horse for a good 25 years so I dont think she could cope without one!

If anyone knows of a horse for permanent loan (possible future sale) in the south east please pm me.

She would need something between 16.1 and 17.1 and not too heavy (she has long legs) to do lower level BD on in the summer and hunting through the winter. Nothing naughty (shes not as young as she used to be!) but it can be sensitive as shes very experienced. age immaterial.

She just loves to give them everything, horses are pets in our family!

If anyone knows of anything please let me know, shes so heartbroken


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8 December 2008
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Might have one that would suit - don't know how this pm business works but if you can let me know how then I'll catch up with you offline