Weaning - if put in stable with another Weanling will they become too attached?

1 September 2008
This is the fourth foal i have bred (but my first in 8 years - so i am a little rusty so i apologise in advance for the silly questions).

Mare and foal are stabled at night and out during the day. I introduced an 8 month old weanling a month ago and now both foals team up with each other in the field while the mare happily grazes keeping an eye on them both.

I have started leading the foal out to the field while keeping mum in the stable, foal is not bothered about her mum and more interested in finding her new weanling friend but the mare is very foal proud and does not like having baby out of sight (Maiden Mare).

Shall I gradually start increasing the time mare and foal are apart or will I upset the mare too much?

When i do wean the foal - should i put both foals together in the same stable or will they become too attached (there are no grills in between the stables)?


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15 September 2009
tbh I'd just let nature take its course unless you need the mare for something else - she will wean the foal naturally


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25 June 2001
Shropshire/Worcs. borders
I have always weaned foals in 2's - 2 foals in corner box and a mare either side. Each day they go to the manege for just a half-hour, twice a day. It's a time to get their handling stepped up, improve their catching and leadi8ng. After a week, the mares are turned out at the far end of the property. Foals stay in pairs in a couple of BIG stables until the spring when they go out in 2 groups - colts and fillies. It works.