Welcome........to winter!


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18 November 2005
It was one of those nights....lashing wind and sideways rain...a jacket that is not waterproof as I have not got round to Nikwaxing it yet...my wellies have decided to spring several leaks all at the same time and there is nothing I can do about it until the weekend.
I wheeled my trolley of night hay out of the garage to soak down and then wheel to the field...and one of the wheels fell off...some fixing, swearing and grease all over me later, got it fixed.
Get to the field cursing already and the rain making it hard to see and the field is sopping with huge puddles everywhere there I cannot see in the dark...but my feet feel as they get ever wetter...horse has made a good job of turning the grass to mud and gallops over to me, splashing me in mud over my face...there are haynets to fill in the driving rain and each trip across the field (stable in field) makes my coat leak more and my feet wetter.
There is fencing to be moved for strip grazing, which is no mean feet in the wind, mud and dark.

And as I stand there in the field I ask myself the question I ask myself every winter.....WHY oh WHY do I do this...what in the lord possessed me to want a horse and desire to spend my evenings in such squalor!!!!!!!!????????

But I do so love my horsey...and it is not his fault....but, roll on spring :) :) :)