Went to look at some rescue dogs today


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2 May 2007
Some of you may or may not remember a while back I was asking about rescue greyhounds and lurchers, as I am hoping to adopt one when I move into my new house. Well, we're hoping to move in in a couple of weeks, so we went to a rescue centre today to have a look after we saw some lurchers on their website. I've totally fallen in love with one of them! He's a grey boy, young but they're not sure how old exactly, and he was found as a stray. He's been in there for months bless him, nobody wants him
So, we had a chat with one of the ladies who works there, and she told us to come back for an interview once we're moved in and fingers crossed (if he's still there) he'll be able to come home with us!

http://www.animalrefuge.co.uk/largedogs.html - He's dog 6