What is it with pet sales and lockdown?


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21 April 2007
Up North
I know kittens, puppies and horses are all being bought up like hot cakes. But lizards?! Why does everyone suddenly want a pet? Surely there are going to be thousands of abandoned animals over the next few months?
We decided to get a bearded dragon about 6 months ago, as my son is obsessed by lizards and was desperate for one. It's his birthday in 2 weeks now so I have spent the last few weeks trying to find one. Anything that comes up on the sales sites is gone immediately. Reptile shops sell out instantly. We are prepared to drive a fair way to collect but nothing. It's madness. Normally you can walk into a reptile shop and find several beardies, adult and baby, no problem at all.
What's wrong with people? Don't they understand the concept of long term?
Fwiw...we have had bearded dragons (and water lizards and day geckos) before and we will be completely supervising its care and handling.