what most of us knew already :)


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17 July 2013
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Would this impact drag hunting though? Surely not? ☹️
It’s got to be a possibility.

It would be much simpler to impose an outright ban on all hunting with hounds than to try to twiddle with the Hunting Act to allow trail hunting to continue but making it more difficult for illegal hunting to take place.

Now the determination by the Hunting Office to circumvent the Hunting Act has been laid bare, anything could happen.

Bloodhounds (hunting the clean boot) would IMHO be the safest version, as it’s the most easy to police. But who knows.


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30 January 2015
Bloodhounds and a runner are a slower game than fox hounds with scent laid by a runner and a much slower day than when the scent is laid by horses instead of having to wait for a runner. There's no need for drag hunting to disappear.

I've been with drag hunts, two in particular for lengthy spells and I've never seen a sab. I think it's quite easy for "trail hunting" to becomeas free of sabs as drag packs. (Yes I do know there have been isolated incidents of idiots sabbing a drag, they were stupid mistakes and rare).

First they need to lay a scent of sufficient strength to hold the hounds and stop them being diverted by fox scent. Second they need to train their hounds in recall to the same level as drag packs do. I've seen drag packs pick up fox scent but they never got more than half a field before they were stopped. Then they need to tell anyone who asks where the trail is being laid. If they give maps to the sabs the day before, it won't be many outings before they are too bored to attend.

The end of drag hunting will be the urbanisation of the countryside, I think, not the stupidity of people continuing to hunt illegally.
22 November 2021
I've always avoided the hunting section of this forum as the amount of pro bloodsport hunt posters sickens me with how open and brazen they are. It's interesting to see that none of the cowardly hunters that usually post are posting on this thread defending the transcripts and explaining what was "actually" meant. I hope this is the demise of the illegal bloodsport in the UK. We can only hope.
To be fair, this is Horse & HOUND.

Old post, I know, but maybe you're still here?