What to do with (possibly) ex eventer....? (Also in CR)


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1 May 2007
We bought a fabulous intermediate eventer just over a year ago with the intention of him taking my daughter around JRN. He started off just great with us but his dressage started to deteriorate slowly and things just started to go wrong over a few months ending up with her pulling up on her 1st affiliated Novice course because he wasn't right.

Turned out he had damaged his sacroiliac, poor chap. Well a good few months on from our 1st visit to Sue Dyson, scintigraphy and injections and he's just looking and feeling fabulous. I'm jumping the gun a bit as he's only being ridden in walk at the moment, but I'm starting to wonder whether he might return to competition - not at his original level I shouldn't think, but maybe up to Novice again? Trouble is my daughter who wants to go to vet school is now in full throes of A-Level frenzy at boarding school and I don't think we have the heart or time to get him back out affiliated this year. I was thinking of loaning him out or selling at a low price to a hacking home, but my heart is telling me that he could still go on and do the job that we bought him for for someone else.

What to do? If I advertise him how should I price him? I would want whoever took him on to know everything about him. Should I try a sales livery? Should I loan him out to compete to see if he can and then sell him for more? I wouldn't be looking to move him on for a few months yet until I know exactly how fit we can get him, but I'm just going round in circles trying to work out what to do with him. We were always going to sell him on this year because of A-Levels, but had hoped to have added a few successful JRNs to his record first.

Anyone have any ideas or words of wisdom?