When life gets you down................


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19 January 2012
Omg, that’s a bugger to get off! Her foot doesn’t seem to bother her. Does she get round ok?
She does OK with her 'foot' and copes very well, although she's a bit of a princess in the rain!

Her biggest issue still is her knee dislocating. Two grand's worth of operation and it still dislocates when she moves any faster than a trot. Complete waste of time having the surgery done. Doesn't stop her having a life though and she can run off lead but not for hours at a time and not every day or she does get sore. High impact sports, like ball throwing, are also off the menu but she goes swimming every fortnight (loves that) and she's easily entertained, which is a bonus.

She's a different dog to the one that arrived 15 months ago. Much more forward and outgoing but still clinging on to a bit of puppy for old time's sake.