Which oil to feed with Turmeric?

15 December 2018
Hoping to start my welshie on turmeric to see if it can help his breathing a little & a bit of a preventative measure with his joints as he'll be 15 this year.
What oil do you use? I don't want anything super fatty due his breed but something that will do the job. Would normal veg oil do it or do I need something like soya or linseed?
Got the powder & black pepper with grinder ready!
5 February 2019
This is actually kind of a loaded question. Turmeric and its effects are real. The health benefits stated from consuming the spice has been scientifically backed up.

What a lot of "health" websites and sources say is that eating turmeric will give you the benefits. What they don't tell you is how much you have to eat to get the benefits which are about 1 to 3 grams a day.

In addition, consuming too much increases your risk of excessive blood thinning, gastrointestinal distress, medication interference, etc.

It's good for you but as always it's more complicated than what people make it seem.