Yippee a non-bald horse! And a plan of action?


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20 August 2006
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Hello all.

This post is partly a little celebration...because my horse has gone from looking like this (before his worst!):




To this!



An improvement, yes!?

Edited to add: Forgot to say the hairloss was due to a virus.

Anyhow, after a fairly dire winter (including the above issue!) I'm feeling reinspired to get Rocco going. He now has his own saddle and a posh breastplate (to prevent said saddle from slippy sliding due to his rather large shoulders) so he at least looks the part - now we need to work on actually belonging in the part! Think I'd do better to make a weekly plan of action to help focus our minds - so any thoughts on exercises to use? timescales? targets? etc etc.

The background...he'll be 6 in June. He's a Quarter Horse x TB. Pretty green and behind for his age but honest. Apprently they tend to be fairly late maturing - looked quite babyish when he arrived but has grown an inch and looks more like a proper horse these days. Doesn't hack on his own but will need to soon as there's only someone to ride with at weekends. Very green with schooling but willing - turns, stops and starts pretty much when asked. Not a clue about contact (bred and backed with polocrosse in mind) but has remembered some schooling from before the dire winter. Has done some jumping - over straw bales last summer and had a pootle over some poles on the ground on the lunge.

A friend was laughing and saying I'll be doing my first Intro on him next year. We laughed...but really would it be achievable?

Any thoughts?

Thank you.



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24 March 2009
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Aw poor boy! I've never seen that before. He looks very well now though. Good luck and enjoy getting on with the fun part.