Youngstock livery in the South East


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5 September 2008
South East
Can anyone suggest or recommend anywhere for a soon to be gelded yearling colt to go on livery where he can be turned out with others of a similar age, potentially to stay out but with suitable shelter should they need it in the winter?

I’ve been dreaming of this baby for years so want to make sure he goes somewhere good and though I wouldn’t say money is no object, I’m happy to pay a good price for the right place.

Ideally looking from Autumn once he’s gelded as it seems even harder to find somewhere for them before then!

Many thanks for any suggestions 😊
15 December 2018
If you didn't mind going a little further west to Wiltshire I know the most amazing stud who does it - I have my now 2 year old there (since last autumn). I looked everywhere but nowhere close to me offers what they do. I live in Wales & he's an hours drive from home but worth it! He's out 24/7 in a small group of 3 others (colt/geldings) of similar age, huge flat post & railed paddock, huge double field shelter bedded with straw with hard stand. They have a daily checks, a feed, plus over winter ad lib haylage & rug changes. They organise his trims with their farrier etc. You couldn't ask for better care & I only pop across every few weeks as I know he's in such good hands. PM me if you think you'd be interested & I can send you the details.