Your pony's been escaping on and off all day..


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17 July 2008
and earlier he ran in front of the tractor and nearly got hit, he's gone back in the field now but I thought you'd better know.

This is what my neighbour just said when he knocked on the door, that's one way to get the pulse raised! As we walked to the field he then said "I really don't think your fence is low enough for him" and "I couldn't help noticing he still has his bits". I was pretty confused at this point (pony has shrunk? they've grown back??). Can't believe I didn't twig until we got to the field, I have gained a shetland pony stallion at some point today!

So we're both feeling a bit embarrassed (me for not figuring it out, neighbour because he'd obviously been cursing me under his breath all day).

Rather surprised to find my cob, who is usually very friendly and sociable providing there are no bucket feeds around, telling the poor thing off soundly whilst companion pony, who spent the majority of his long life as a stallion, is hiding at the other end of the field wanting nothing to do with any of it.

There was no way we were catching it or herding it (tried both), so I had to catch up my pony and use him to persuade it into neighbours cow barn, where it is now yelling its head off whilst neighbour rings up the locals to see if anyone is missing one. Very impressed with my pony who behaved impeccably, letting me catch him no trouble even with all the excitement and coping with all the stress perfectly. Still rather shocked at the cob! Luckily all seem to be intact except a few bites on the Shetland.

So, anyone else had an exciting evening stables??!